Aaron Betts
Currently living in Australia, Victoria about an hour from Melbourne.

My highest qualification is Certificate III in multimedia (CUF30601). My experience working professionally in regards to my art is limited but includes the following:

- Colaberative concept work for a small indi team (unpaid)
- Some commision art for random people online.

I have spent a few years using 3dMax and Photoshop. I am very skilled with both software packages and have created many things; including website graphics and game texture mods, high quality digital art, concept designs, complex 3d models for static render and basic animation purposes and comics.

My style can range from querky and cartoony to dark and serious as I hope my portfolio of work here demonstrates.
I do tend to specialize more in the comic book/anime esc kind of art hence why most of my stuff is in this style though I always put my own spin on things and never out right copy someone elses way of working.

That said I have many artists of which I derive inspiration from, some of my favorites being H.R.Giger, Takahiro Kimura, Dean Yeagle, Josh Nizzi, Samwise Didier, Joe Madeira, Toshinari Yamashita and John Kricfalusi.


If you wish to contact me please send an email to lazyaza@live.com